July 2013 – July 2016

In the near future, all our travel – whether personal or professional, whether intra- or inter-urban – will be affected by the massive arrival of a new means of transport: the electric vehicle.

The share of electric vehicles has grown exponentially since the mid-2000s, and it is estimated that 10% of all vehicles sold in 2020 will be electric.

This requires that a complete electro-mobility ecosystem is put in place as of now. Today’s electric-vehicle owners know how difficult it can be to find a charging station. There are several reasons for this:

  • there is no exhaustive directory of charging stations (also called plug-in stations),
  • the existing stations are managed by companies each requiring a different subscription,
  • permits to install a station can in some cases be very long to get (for instance, in a condominium).

GreenFeed aims to provide concrete answers to all these problems.

Mr Dupont has a subscription with an Electro-Mobility Operator (EMO). His subscription gives him access to a certain number of services:

  • he has real-time information all over France on any charging station listed in the GIREVE directory. But there is more to GIREVE, since Mr Dupont can also be informed of:
    • the power output of the station,
    • the available types of charging (slow, normal, accelerated, rapid, etc.),
    • the type of plug (domestic or Type 1, 2, 3 or 4) it is equipped with,
    • the Charging Operator managing the station
  • he has access to a fleet of car-share vehicles
  • thanks to the GreenFeed smartphone application and to the connected equipment integrated into the vehicles, he can:
    • calculate the energy consumption of his vehicle for a given trip,
    • visualize the list of stations available along the route
    • and if the application calculates that a recharge will be needed along the way, Mr Dupont can also reserve one of these stations, no matter the Charging Operator managing it!

GreenFeed’s great advantage is to group together in a single entity – the GIREVE platform – the whole of electro-mobility actors:

  • all the Electro-Mobility Operators, offering the above-mentioned services to their subscribers,
  • all the Charging Operators, managing the charging stations,
  • and in addition, the Energy Operators, producing and/or distributing energy.

This ecosystem relies on a series of agreements among these different actors:

  • agreements between Energy Operators and Charging Operators for electricity supply at the stations,
  • agreements between Electro-Mobility Operators and Charging Operators, giving subscribers access to a large set of stations covering the entire territory.

For a better understanding of how GreenFeed works, let’s go back to the simple scenario illustrated by the above animation.

  1. Mr Dupont uses the GreenFeed app to plan a trip from point A to point B. He can:
    • use the app integrated into his vehicle’s on-board connected system, which has access to all its technical features (current battery charge level, battery power, compatible connectors, etc.),
    • or else he can use his smartphone, in which case he need to enter these parameters manually, but he can also save ‘favourite vehicle profiles’.
  2. The GreenFeed app will let him choose the best route. There are several possible criteria to set the best route: trip duration and distance are classically available criteria in current route planners. The GreenFeed project goes further by allowing the user to optimize his vehicle’s energy consumption.
    New algorithms will be developed for this, which will factor in route topography by integrating physical energy-consumption models.
  3. Depending on the chosen optimization criterion, the GreenFeed app will determine the vehicle’s energy consumption in terms of the route and its topography. Then, based on the starting battery charge level and the vehicle’s features, it will determine whether or not recharging will be needed along the way.
    Better yet: knowing Mr Dupont’s Electro-Mobility Operator, GreenFeed will find in the GIREVE directory all the charging stations he can access (thanks to the agreements between the Electro-Mobility Operators and the Charging Operators), and will calculate the best moment to recharge the battery!
  4. the advantage of the GreenFeed app doesn’t stop there, since with just a few clicks, Mr Dupont can reserve a station for the length of time he wishes to!
    Later, when he goes through the entrance of the charging station, his vehicle will be immediately recognized thanks to a device using the latest technologies for electric-vehicle-to-charging-station communication. He will then be directed to the reserved station that will be displaying an indicator light.
  5. Mr Dupont will always, of course, have the possibility of recharging his vehicle even without a previous reservation thanks to the badge he will have been given by his Electro-Mobility Operator and the RFID/NFC readers the charging stations are equipped with.
  6. With or without a reservation, the amount of the transaction is automatically transmitted by the Charging Operator to the Electro-Mobility Operator, which will then send Mr Dupont a monthly invoice.

The GreenFeed project is also more rational energy management, of electricity in particular.

Smart Energy Management Systems, featuring innovative algorithms, will therefore make it possible to choose, in real time, the electricity-supply source for the stations:

  • electric energy from the main grid, as well as
  • solar energy via photovoltaic panels,
  • wind energy in case of wind,
  • etc.

The algorithms do even more: they send the stations charging instructions (power variation) in real time, depending on the instant cost of energy and on where it’s from.