The project is broken down into 8 batches grouping the R&D, the integration and the testing tasks.

BATCH 1 – Project management

Project management is responsible for coordinating the partners’ work and makes sure the goals are reached within schedule and budget.

BATCH 2 – General specifications

This batch aims to write the functional specifications of the GREENFEED system architecture. Its work will rely on the description of usage cases of vehicle charging in a roaming situation featuring exchanges among the actors of the system: electric-vehicle motorists, mobility-services operators, electricity distributors, charging-services operators, the GIREVE platform.

BATCH 3 – Interfacing with the charging operator

The work here aims to design a charging station communicating with the vehicle, with the charging services. It consists in implementing the station-to-vehicle communication protocol (ISO 15118), integrating a communication mechanism (internet of the objects) ensuring cost and performance control, installing user-identification and energy-metering systems, and developing APIs connecting to the GIREVE services.

BATCH 4 – Interfacing with the energy operator

The work here consists in designing and developing an Energy Management System (EMS) integrated into a high-availability computer platform. The EMS will interface with the different types of electricity-distribution grids: the national grid, private production grids or renewable-energy production sources; this will make it possible to charge vehicles depending on the availability of the types of energy.

BATCH 5 – Interfacing with the mobility operator

This batch aims to develop technological building blocks for the designing of mobility services. The goal is to develop client applications integrating the APIs for connecting to car-share, charging-reservation, invoicing and payment services.

BATCH 6 – Roaming-service supervisor

This batch aims to define the architecture of a software platform designed to support the roaming services offered by GIREVE, and to specify and develop it. Its developments aim to create a set of APIs and Web Services to communicate with the GREENFEED functional elements, namely the charging service, the possible MicroGrid services, the charging stations and the mobility services.

BATCH 7 – Integration

The work here consists in achieving integration of the whole of the functional modules developed and to make them work together in a consistent manner according to a logical scenario defined by the integration plan.

BATCH 8 – Tests and validation

This batch is to validate the GREENFEED platform modules developed in the course of the project.